Is d3dx9_35.dll error troubling you? Fix it!

Errors in the computer can come about at any time. And every Windows user has to go through the trouble once in a while. This can be quite distressing at times when you are trying to play any game or install any application that requires DLL files. Error d3dx9_35.dll can be placed in the category easily that has a history disturbing users most of the time.

The d3dx9_35.dll is a file that is a component of the DirectX software. Error d3dx9_35.dll occurs mostly when playing windows-based games like The Witcher, etc. Any application that utilises the DirectX software is likely to get the error on his screen. The error message is displayed as thus:

“D3dx9_35.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this”



Although there are a lot of reasons you can get the error, some causes are to be blamed specifically. The d3dx9_35.dll error, in particular is caused by one reason only, i.e. an issue with the DirectX software.

However daunting it may seem, it can be got rid of with some necessary steps to follow given below.


3 Steps to Fix this Error

Step 1. Download Advanced
System Repair Tool
[File Size: 15.7 MB]
Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error


1.Restart your PC – If you have not already restarted your computer, it is recommended that you do so quickly because possibly, the error might just have occurred while trying to load a non-game application that has very heavy graphics. When you restart your computer, the application gets sufficient time for configuration.

2.Install the DirectX software – There are fair chances that installing the latest version of DirectX software can fix the error in your computer. When you do so, make sure that you install the software from the official site of Microsoft. The error will go away as the latest software will be able to find the “missing” dll file.
DirectX software

3.Uninstall the Game – Considering the error appeared after trying to run a gaming application, the best possible way to deal with it is to uninstall the game. This might give time to the software to reload while you install the game again. The error d3dx9_35.dll can be solved with a simple reinstallation of the game.

All these were some of the most effective methods to deal with the d3dx9_35.dll error. Any user may follow these steps to get an error-free gaming experience. You too can follow the methods if you are getting the same error. If you are unable to fix the error, let us know in detail so that we can solve your problem. Leave your queries in the comments section and we will look into it.

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